January 28, 2012

Dude Vs. The Elements 2: Delayed

So, I'm current;y having a small issue of where to upload the final product of Dude Vs. The Elements 2. Either MooCJStudios or two other potential channels. I canot go further in depth. And I can just tell everyone is looking forward to this after the huge hit that was the first one. [/sarcasm]

Other News:
-May make a short video about my latest Lego MOC that was previously the un-named space freighter.
-Have yet to purchase iStopmotion and a new camera to begin animation again.
-Going to try my hand at more 3D works such as animation, design, landscapes whatever I can master.
-Made a video about the Apple PowerBook G3. (for all you Macaddicts like me).

Have a nice day!

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